Welcome to the Triratna Portal

This site provides links to all the Triratna centres within Australia and New Zealand.

The Triratna Buddhist communities in Australia and New Zealand are part of a larger international movement (formerly called the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order or the FWBO).

Each city centre, retreat centre and right livelihood business is independently run and managed by the local members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. The network of friendships within the Order link all these different individual situations together. The uniting force within this international Buddhist organisation is simple friendship.

Australian Buddhist Centres

Adelaide Triratna Group (South Australia)
Brisbane Triratna Group (Queensland)
Melbourne Buddhist Centre (Victoria)
Port Fairy Group (Victoria)
Sydney Buddhist Centre (New South Wales)
Toowoomba Buddhist Centre (Queensland)

New Zealand Buddhist Centres

New Zealand Triratna Buddhist Community
Auckland Buddhist Centre
Wellington Buddhist Centre